There seems to be a fair bit of hot Aussie beef going on around the Australian TV shows at the moment so I thought I’d bring some to you, my readers around the world. You all know people like the stunning Ryan Kwanten but what about the guys that haven’t tried their luck on the international stage?

From left to right I bring you Rodger Corser and Kevin Hofbauer from “Rush” a cop show that I actually don’t think is that great, but they are hot. In the middle we have the very hot Hugh Sheridan from “Packed to the Rafters” who pulled out a fantastic performance as a grieving widower this week. Finally on the end we have Don Hany who I have featured before and Rick Davies who are both in the show “Offspring” which is a great, if very quirky, drama. Go forth and google to your hearts content and if anyone finds nude pics of any of them I’ll be most appreciative.