A facebook friend and I were chatting about men the other day and how to meet the good ones. It’s been joked about before that I should use this blog to meet someone but to me it doesn’t feel right, advertising for a husband on my own blog. I jokingly said to my friend that he should write my own personals ad for me. This is what he came up with.

handsome nudist acrobat photographer dude
looking for love in all the wrong places has decided to try something different
30 something professional artistic type
doesn’t go to the disco
doesn’t smoke or do drugs
drinks occasionally with good company
prefers to keep fit and create art and obsess about things unecessarily
loves kids and family and is a good and genuine true friend
Kylie is his religion
seeks handsome strong fit gentleman with a sense of humour and a good laugh to help him learn to not take him self so seriously, lighten up a bit and to love him back
all entries please attatch a photo as he’s not judgemental but he is a fickle homosexual who appreciates beauty”

I have to say, he’s not far wrong. I definitely love my family, Kylie and all things beautiful, but yes, I am also a fickle homo that needs to lighten up.