Bored at home? Been to the gym 5 times today? Nothing on TV? Here is a step by step guide to alleviating your boredom and entertaining others.

1. Grab your video camera
2. Crank up your favourite Bon Jovi track
3. Grab your guitar
4. Take off all your clothes
5. Get your mate to video you miming and mime-guitaring to forementioned Bon Jovi track in your birthday suit.

This guy has a freaking killer body, cute face and apparently likes Bon Jovi and being nude on youtube. We like that he’s fine with getting his gear off in front of his mate who is videoing it too. My only complaint is that he didn’t do the rock god maneuver and lift the guitar up to play it with his teeth, giving us a look at all the goods, but hey, it brought a smile to my face.