What’s your 100 things?

Sebastian is a driven man. He, at the age of 24, was experiencing some ups and downs, travelling, money troubles and fun, when a close friend died unexpectedly at the same age. He realised he hadn’t achieved a lot of things he wanted to achieve so he has now set up a website and for the last 16 months has been aiming to tick them all off. This morning on.. Read More

Steps to alleviating boredom

Bored at home? Been to the gym 5 times today? Nothing on TV? Here is a step by step guide to alleviating your boredom and entertaining others. 1. Grab your video camera 2. Crank up your favourite Bon Jovi track 3. Grab your guitar 4. Take off all your clothes 5. Get your mate to video you miming and mime-guitaring to forementioned Bon Jovi track in your birthday suit. This.. Read More