I’m the first one to admit that my thoroughly conservative upbringing has left me a little uptight at times. Yes, despite the circus classes, the pole dancing classes, the nudism etc. I still think I’m frightfully conservative and possibly even dull at times.

Meditation is something I’ve never tried before, and given my mind’s tendency to race all over the place, I didn’t think I’d be any good at it. A while back I joined the facebook group Meditation Gay Sydney, just because I saw it but never thought any more of it. Despite a message from the group popping up every week from the group about the week’s meditations, I still never went along.

I’m reading “Eat Pray Love” at the moment and there is quite a lot of talk about meditation in the book and tonight I finally went along to the beginners meditation. I have to say it was fantastic. Sure my mind wandered from time to time but ultimately I think I had a successful first crack at it. Towards the end, my body felt like it was slumping over to the right, while simultaneously twisting to the left and my head twisting to the right. When I opened my eyes I was still all straight forward and not slumped dangerously towards the floor at all. I’ll be going back.