You are one of the most motivated and energetic people I’ve ever come across. What drives you and have you always had this boundless energy?
I have always had a drive to be successful and help people. What drives me is knowing that I can always “better” myself. Even at the gym I can ALWAYS ascend to a new level. The idea of ALWAYS being able to accomplish/learn more on a daily basis is what really excites me to WANT to work hard.

You got your big break on MTV’s Real World. What is the motivation to go on a show and be followed constantly for 24 hours a day?
There were a couple reasons. I had just started my company Scott Herman Fitness, LLC and wanted to get more exposure for my site and jumpstart my modeling career. Also, at the time I was dating a girl who I really liked thought that if I could show the world the kind of person I was, her family, who I had never met, would accept me as she came from a very wealthy “ old school” Italian family.

You’ve said you wanted people to assume you are meat head homophobe and then prove them wrong. Why?
Because I feel that when you display the “ visual” characteristics of a sterotype to the point where people have already labeled you it; when you prove them 100% wrong it makes a MUCH bigger impact.

You became very good friends with Katelynn, a transexual woman, on the show and you are fighting hard for equality for the LGBTQ community. What motivates you to fight for a cause that ultimately doesn’t affect you?
Because personally, I could only hear so many stories of young kids being bullied and killed before I felt like I needed to make a difference. I think that too many people over the course of time have “ looked the other way” and now the playing field is FILLED with horrible disgusting people who need justice brought down on them. I hope that my actions will help encourage others to stand up for what is right, especially when they see this hatred first hand on their own city or town.

Have you always been so open minded and do you think that’s a generational thing or the way you were brought up?
I grew up idolizing my Dad and my superheroes. Being a protector of the weak was “what I wanted to be when I grew up”.

With all your support for the gay community do people make the assumption that you must really be gay yourself and how do you respond to that?
People say I am gay all the time, “ like to take it hard” , and the list goes on. At the end of the day, I have my friends, my family, and for the first time in a long time a girlfriend. As long as those people support me in my life’ s journey, I can easily ignore the haters and continue to help others in need.
On a sidenote, being CALLED gay doesn’ t bother me, just like if an LGBT member was called “ straight” they wouldn’ t care. It’ s not an insult, BUT should be a question that people don’ t ask right off the bat. I feel like people should be getting to know each other more as human beings before they get right to sexual orientation.

Winner of Best Abs, your own fitness industry, boundless energy and positive outlook, how do you inspire others to achieve their goals?
I would like to think that I inspire others by just everyday encouragement. My facebook community page ( is the most positive place online where ANYONE can go for help and support to reach their fitness goals.
I also believe in leading by example and just like how the superheros in my comics inspired me to be big and strong, and want to help others; I know that if I continue down my path I can have that same impact on my community members with my actions and honestly my photos/videos because as people see visually that I am ALWAYS in good shape, it subconsciously convinced them that they can be fit all year round as well for the rest of their life.

What would you say to someone like me who as they get older realizes how lucky they were to have a fast metabolism and took it all for granted and is now faced with that disappearing?
I would say it is never too late to get BACK into the gym and my EXACT words would most likely be. “ Stop making excuses and get your ass to the gym!!!!!!!!”

As a super motivated guy to a guy who is not particularly good at self motivation (ie horrendous at it) do you have any tips for getting people revved up?
You need to set goals. It gets tuff sometimes to WANT to wake up every day and just start cranking out work. I basically wake up, roll over, and get to it. But after about 15minutes on my community page of seeing people interacting with each other and being positive/helpful, that is what motivates me to want push SHF to the next level.

How are you enjoying the modeling work you are doing?
I love the modeling that I am doing now but am at the point where I want to take that to the next level with a huge campaign. I have always wanted to model Calvin Klein and have a huge billboard in Times Square. I know I will one day, however unfortunately it’ s hard being patient when you expect everything to happen yesterday!

Do you have any favorite photographers that you aspire to work with?
To be honest, I aspire to work with any photographer who has NEW ideas.. not just.. “ Ok.. take off your clothes, put on this pair of underwear, and flex your abs.”

What is your dream life for you?
My dream life is having SHF a GLOBAL Multimillion dollar company that I run with my friends from the comfort of my own home where I spend time with my wife and kids and occasionally drive my 84 Camaro that I have had since highschool which sits totally restored in my garage when I am busy helping others reach their fitness goals.

Is there anything else you want to share with the readers of Aussielicious?
Well I would first like to thank all of you for your support over the last year. If it wasn’ t for the loyal community members I wouldn’ t be here and I want YOU GUYS to know that I don’ t take that for granted. I will always do my best to stay humble and to remember my roots because I believe that as SHF becomes more successful I will have lots more opportunities to give back to the community and if I get in the habit of doing it now, I always will.
If you have fitness goals, the SHF Community is here to support you. Just bringyour positive attitude and we will do the rest! Be sure to tell your friends too!

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