Everyone wants sex but no one wants sex with everyone. Well not most people.

On hookup sites everyone is fair game for a sexually loaded message up to a point. Sure, there’s probably not much point going into graphic detail of what you want to do with/to/for someone if their profile clearly states what they like and you and your desired activities don’t tick any of their boxes. At least on a hookup site the activities match the advertising, regardless of how frequently the shoppers are disappointed with the quality.

Given my nudist proclivities it should come as no surprise dear readers, to find that I am a member of a couple of nudist chat sites. One expects to chat and meet like minded nudists. Why else would I go there? Doing otherwise would be like buying a box of Corn Flakes expecting Fruit Loops to come pouring out.

Granted, there are a higher than average proportion of gay men on one of the sites but it is still a nudist site and most people are there for that. Today a gentleman didn’t seem to appreciate my stern response to his offer to lick me from head to toe in any position I might care for. Before I go any further I would have reacted in the negative to anyone starting out with such a message. I’m a willing participant for an enthusiastic tongue bath, theoretically, but it would have to be from someone I had encouraged to make such an offer and within the parameters of my sexual attraction, presumably discussed before the offer of said tongue bath. To receive such an offer out of the blue with no solicitation was not welcome. Flattering I suppose, but not really welcome.