Every now and then I wonder what my life would be like if the opportunity to have children had come up in the period of my life where it was more likely. If I’d gone that road with a woman I would no doubt be married and life would be a whole lot more complicated coming out.

I love kids and have always found it very good for my emotional state spending time with my niece and nephew (now 5 and nearly 8 respectively). In my more contemplative moments I try and figure out if I’m really comfortable with the option of having kids pass me by. Being single, not financially set up to do it and not having thought about it a lot, it’s been something that I just accepted that wasn’t for me.

Would I make a good dad? I think so. It would certainly teach me to be more patient than I currently am. I’d like to think I’d make a fun dad, tough when I need to be but approachable. Who knows. What I do know is that my niece and nephew love me and for me, that’s enough.

To all the gay parents out there breaking down barriers, keep doing a great job raising happy, healthy kids and prove that we aren’t the enemy.