Tonight I caught up with a guy I’ve been chatting to on a nudist website and we went for a soak at the asian style baths here in Sydney. The guy is happily married and totally straight and is in the process, with some gentle nudging from his wife of losing some of his uptight tendencies.

He’s been fairly shy about nudity during his adult life after being fairly liberal about it during his teens. We discussed how that came about and he thought that when gyms started having separate showers and things became less open he closed up along with it.

Tonight was one of his first times dipping his toe in the social nudity waters and it was very relaxed and easy. What impressed me most was the fact that he had no problem whatsoever with hanging out nude with a gay man. He realised that he’s comfortable enough to deal with any unwanted advances easily and without fuss and it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course I wasn’t ever going to make any advances but it’s always nice to know that there are straight men out there who don’t care.

He’s also determined to raise his four children not to be ashamed of nudity or embarrassed by it in any way and to try and instill a confidence and self assured nature in his children. Tolerant people raise tolerant kids.