Sailing around the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland or the Greek Islands or the coast of Croatia is a holiday I’ve always wanted to do. Get the right people, that you can stand being on a boat with for an extended time, hopping from island to island, having bonfires on deserted beaches, skinny dipping and sunbathing naked for a week or two or three, sounds like absolute bliss to me. These photos look like a lot of fun. The girls obviously weren’t up for stripping off but the boys seem to have taken any opportunity.

The adult son of one of my readers has a job on the luxury boat of an immensely wealthy family sailing around the world. Whenever they aren’t in port the family and all the staff wear the same uniform, absolutely nothing. That’s right the lucky staff get to go to work on an enormous luxury boat and get to work nude sailing to glamorous locations around the world. Just how DO you get that job?

The way I feel about my job right now I could easily take off and drop out and work like that for a while.