Having recently interviewed a female to male transexual for this blog and chatting to a couple of other trans people briefly I’m still so in awe of people that have the strength to say publicly that they were born in the wrong body, even as an adult.

When a teenager, or even younger does it, I’m even more astounded and impressed. Oak Reed is one such teenager. Oak Reed has been open about being born a female but living as a male to his classmates and teachers for some time. The fact that Oak wasn’t bullied horrendously is incredible in itself. Even more inspiring and heart warming is the fact that Oak was then voted Homecoming King by those same classmates.

Sadly the school administrators have declared his votes invalid as he was enrolled as a female. He’d been allowed to wear a tuxedo when marching with the school band and wear the boys graduation gown, but somehow the Homecoming King title was different.

There is a facebook page started by his friends “Oak is Our King“. Feel free to join and show your support. Read the full article here.