Today’s lesson for the modern homosexual is to help mastering the difficult art of faking your photos on your online profiles and to spot those that have.

The first rule is not to steal the photographs of celebrities or anyone in the public eye. One came across a young gentleman recently on facebook of all sites who was using photos of a U.S. based model very popular on gay blogs. Celebrities are by their very nature well known. Whilst they are very attractive I’m sure even your closeted Uncle Bill is going to be skeptical that Jake Gyllenhaal is gagging for it from a burly daddy type.

Secondly, if one MUST use illicitly obtained photos then perhaps, shortly prior to posting them as your own, have a look at the collection you’ve selected from hours of dedicated trawling one handedly through cyberspace and with an honest eye make sure they all match. The perky buns of an olive skinned Brazilian, the pale low hangers of a Scottish Higlander dangling below a thatch of red pubic hair and the sun bleached hair of an Australian surfer don’t tend to paint a convincing portrait of anyone other than someone with genetic bipolar disorder.

Thirdly it might be a wise move for those engaging in sexual digital identity fraud to start a handy excel spreadsheet of the profiles of those you’ve obtained images from and which images they have courteously lent you. It’s ever so socially embarrassing to send someone a private photo only for them to point out that you’ve indeed had online conversations before and you’ve just sent their own backside to them.