Last night, and again tonight, one of my flatmate’s old friends is staying with us. When I say old I mean he’s been a friend for a long time, but he’s only in his mid 20’s. He’s a model mainly based with his girlfriend in Milan and he was in the movie “Newcastle” as one of the minor characters.

He’s a really nice guy but my god man, just stop talking for a while! He’s obviously going through a decision making phase of life but for the most part sounded like a completely stoned surfer dude. He is a surfer dude but stoned he wasn’t.

It was funny when we went out for a beer and a meal, watching people blatantly staring at him. He is a very good looking guy. One older gay man in the thai place we went for dinner was asking the waitress where the toilet was, but didn’t look at her once, just transfixed by our model companion.