On the weekend I stumbled upon a profile on a hookup site that made me sad, angry and log off. It was a 22 year old guy that calls himself “cumdump” and has “never” listed under safe sex. If he’s not HIV Positive now then it’s only a matter of time.

Once again I wonder if being diagnosed HIV+ makes them think “what the hell” and get into bareback sex, which is entirely their own choice. The alternative to that question that upsets me and terrifies me is that he just doesn’t care if he gets it or not. Sure, HIV is very treatable but it is not curable and every single treatment takes it’s toll on your body and in places where treatment isn’t subsidised, your finances. It can restrict your career options, your travel and will almost certainly shorten your lifespan.

I wholeheartedly support anyone living with HIV and know and love several guys living positive, but why anyone would intentionally seek to convert? Sadly there is a tiny element out there that will happily help him achieve that result. I hope he learns to appreciate his health before it’s too late.

Please not that the photos used are by no means a statement about the models status.