Today I’m heading down to my parents place for the weekend and it’s going to be an odd day. First up for lunch is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. The other grandfather just hit 94 so I figure I’m going to be fat, bald and insane for a very long time looking at the family history. My cousins who I have zero in common with will be there, and when I say zero, I doubt that there’s even a genetic link sometimes. Thankfully at times like this my immediate family all click really well and look out for each other when we get stuck.

Then tonight I have my 20 year school reunion. It’s going to be strange seeing some people, great to see others and a good laugh to see some. All those guys that gave me shit about being a homo at school before I even knew I was are mostly married and relatively happy but from what I’ve seen on facebook there are some that just look like life has beaten them down. I wonder if any of them are more enlightened these days.