Long Johns. They are traditionally the domain of intrepid wilderness adventurers in cold climates and sturdy old fashioned men now in their 80’s with the crotch somewhere hovering around their knees. I’m on a mission to prove that they can be sexy.

Googling images of them is not helping my cause now with Googles new more puritanical stance on images all those sexy images of hot models just barely keeping their long johns up with tanned perky buns don’t seem to appear but it seems Ginch Gonch believe it can happen. I have to say I’m not a fan of their long johns but at least they’ve given it a go.

For me, our unusually cold winter here in Sydney is inspiring thoughts of cozy days lounging around the house in a comfy yet sexy pair of long johns. Any underwear fetishists or afficionados care to illuminate me with suggestions?