Things have been getting to me lately. More than they should. The horrendous “dates”, confusing “non-dates”, work is really fucking me off and I’ve been feeling generally run down. I’ve realised it’s all coming down to a desperate need of some time off work. My manager and I fairly regularly don’t see eye to eye and he has an amazing knack for not being able to comprehend that people have a differing viewpoint to him and a delicate way with words that feels like a sledge hammer between the eyes at times. Today I had to hold myself back from unleashing a torrent of abuse.

I had a brief conversation with the director of the company (a small company of 7 of us) and floated the idea of a holiday. I have 3 weeks worth of holidays accrued but sadly there’s no convenient time to take them, nor do I have any money to go anywhere. It’s all feeling a touch overwhelming at the moment and I really do need a break. It’s looking like I might have to grab a 4 day weekend, but where to go?

Ideally, if it weren’t winter I’d pack up and go to River Island and camp nude and lie around for 4 days doing sweet bugger all, but that’s not really an option in this temperature. Any dirt cheap suggestions will be welcomed.