There has been outrage on gay blogs and facebook profiles of gay men all over Australia today after our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that the Government’s stance on Gay Marriage won’t be changing with her in power.

Gay papers and lobbyists are tut-tutting as if she’d condemned us all to hell. She hasn’t. Julia Gillard has said she is all for reforms to eliminate any discrimination against the LGBT community but that the definition of a marriage being between a man and a woman will stay. I would have been much more surprised if she had said that gay marriage was on her agenda. The woman is in her first week in power, through a political coup and has a very precarious election looming overhead. Why would she piss off a huge part of her voting public to appease a minority that thinks it has more clout than it does?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed and I long for the day when a Prime Minister does stand up, without risking his or her leadership and announce that gay marriage will be introduced without a ruffle of protest. But there is absolutely no chance of it happening in Australia’s current conservative climate on a shaky political platform. Julia is clinging to a leadership that she was thrust into with people waiting for her to slip up.

I think the gay community needs to be more realistic and put the angry sequinned megaphone down for a bit. We need to be patient and keep our expectations in check. I want gay marriage as much as anyone and really wish Ms Gillard had said yep, I’m all for it, but I’m not surprised she didn’t.