I saw on another blog the other day that Bel Ami is largely producing bareback content these days for it’s online episodes. This blog went on to say that they thought condom based porn was on the way out. While I do own bareback porn I think companies like Bel Ami producing it is a bad thing.

Companies like Treasure Island, Dark Alley and Hot Desert Knights have never claimed that their models are HIV negative and it has predominantly been presumed that they are in fact positive. Bel Ami and other “twink” companies are producing it because there is a demand but I would hazard a guess that the models, most of whom identify as straight, aren’t fully educated on the risks.

Bel Ami is produced in the Czech Republic which is far from a wealthy country and these boys are doing what they can to make a better life for themselves and to me, and this is just my opinion, they are being lead to make choices that are not in their best interests.

The other point that is raised by all this condomless porn is the terrifying fact that young men in their teens and 20’s and even 30’s see HIV as something that is not at all serious. I’ve had people online tell me that they bareback and HIV isn’t anything to worry about. It IS. I sincerely hope that people like Chi Chi LaRue, Hot House and Falcon continue to show hot horny sex with condoms being used.

Perhaps any company that produces bareback porn should be forced to contribute a percentage of sales towards safe sex education. I know some people will bareback regardless but surely even educated risk taking is better than ignorant risk taking?