Working with Miguel, the model yesterday was an interesting experience. He’s a really nice guy and knew ahead of time that I was working towards shots for my exhibition which would involve nudity. I don’t want full frontal shots even though I have shot some in the past, it’s not generally my thing.

He brought up the fact that from my profile on model mayhem he knew I’d had some of my photography on the DNA blog and thought it would be great if I could get some in the actual magazine. So I know he was comfortable with me being gay.

The interesting part is that he wanted to do nudes for the exhibition and was really keen to be a part of the exhibition but the whole time we were shooting he had a hand firmly clamped over his cock. He’s clearly just not used to being seen nude outside the bedroom. He’s also in Australia to train for boxing. Now, my knowledge of real boxing gyms, not Fitness First boxing classes, is limited but from reliable stories I understand that most of them are pretty old school and have communal showers. How does someone who isn’t that comfortable with being seen nude deal with the post training shower situation?

For me, rowing surf boats and the post training shower was when I got over my prudishness as it just wasn’t practical to avoid it and showering in my speedos would have caused more teasing than not.

Whatever his reasons, Miguel was fantastic to shoot and very eager to please. He’s also very keen to shoot again. I just wish I could share some of the images.