On Friday night it took me an hour longer than it should have to get to my parents place for a visit. Due to a large accident and a resulting detour, the traffic was horrendous, so it was a late dinner with my parents before sleeping in my childhood bedroom for the night.

Yesterday we all went for lunch, my parents and I, my sister, her husband and two children and my two grandfathers. Both grandmothers have died and it would appear that the men in my family kick on for some time. Dad’s father is a couple of months of 90 and my mother’s father is 4 weeks of 94. Sadly he is in very rapid decline. He’s been muttering about all the young guys at the golf club are dying, they are in their 70’s and 80’s mind you, and he’s bored. There’s no one to talk to. Now his memory is going, he’s very frail and in a home near my parents and his confidence and sparkle has gone.

Last night I was back in Sydney and made a rare venture to a dance party with my friends. Two hours later I was walking back to my car asking why I bothered. I think my days at dance parties are behind me. I’m just not cut out for them. They were never a big part of my life but now as I get older and more neurotic they are even less so. The hot guys intimidate and ignore me and everyone fucked off their heads on drugs just scare me with their wild eyes and grinding teeth. Oh well. I still got a good night’s sleep.