Something that struck me yesterday in particular at the sauna, as it has in the past, is that you can never assume what people are going to go for. Back in my time in London I went to the sauna a few times and one day had an amazing time with some incredibly hot people there. The next time I went I could have been doing cartwheels down the corridor with firecrackers coming out of my arse and not one person showed the slightest bit of interest.

Last night there was a hot blonde guy there and I sat in the spa trying to judge his interest, which seemed to be zero. I figured he was about 23-25 so I was probably a decade too old for him. A little while later I saw him in the spa, being fondled by someone who he seemed to be appreciative of the attention, who was about 55+. So while I thought I was a good decade too old for him, apparently I was two decades or so too young. It just goes to show, you never know what someone’s type is.

I’ve just had a conversation with the guy I’m moving in with after telling him this story. He told me about some friends of his, one a total gym junkie, amazing body and fit as hell, the other severely overweight, man-boobs and big belly, and they were together for 12 years.