I stumbled across a site set up recently by a Sydneysider for gay surfers, Gaysurfers.net. Gay surfers are a bit of a hidden subculture with the Samesame online series “Surf Camp” almost sending up the idea, but it’s ludicrous to imagine there aren’t thousands of surfers out there with same sex attraction but maybe it’s one of those cultures that just doesn’t foster being open. I know in Sydney some of the beach breaks are quite territorial, like my former lifesaving area, Bronte and the famously rough Maroubra.

At the moment the site is still in it’s infancy and the features and usability will grow over time but I am hopeful for it’s success. At the moment however, all the “gay friendly beaches” in Australia are the nude beaches in NSW as well as Alexandria Bay in Noosa.

Update: I’ve had an email from Thomas, the sites administrator and he assures me that he is monitoring the forums to keep the site on track for what it is, a networking site for gay surfers, and not for guys trying to land themselves a surfer boy or a blow job in the bushes. I think the site is a great idea and who knows maybe we can hope to see an international gay surfing competition like those that exists for rugby and waterpolo etc.