Sorry for the delay in posting. I got home from a really good first class back for term last night to find there were problems with the host server or something and I couldn’t log in to the blog to post. I’ve just finished a 13 hour day at work so tonight’s posts, as you can see, are cheating by posting videos.

Now I want to address a comment I got through on the post “Good People, Good Times.” A reader, Josh commented “Just thought I’d let you know how awesomely puritanical about your comments you are. Thanks[?] for deleting my comment.” I’d just like to clarify. In the past I have deleted a few comments, the ones that have been particularly hurtful and intentionally malicious towards me, but I’ve learned that just inflames the commenter. I can only assume that Josh’s comment wasn’t very complimentary from his accusation of being puritanical, but I can assure you Josh, I haven’t deleted any comments for many many months. Some readers have said comments have been lost or not posted due to technical problems and I guess yours was one of them. So please kindly pull back on that attitude and feel free to post it again, but if it is mean spirited and unnecessary, it might be deleted.