My weekend in Adelaide with the boys was a great one and unexpectedly longer than planned. One of the boys picked me up shortly before midday on Saturday, the other one was still working. We went and got some lunch and then went for a couple of beers where lovely guy #2 came to meet us.

Over the weekend there was much laughing, lots of good eating, many drinks and even more laughs. You know when you meet some people who are just meant to come into your life? These two are those people. They are clearly meant to be together as well. They bounce off each other, motivate each other, nurture each other and make each other laugh, constantly.

On Sunday night I was introduced to the Mars Bar. Not the confectionery, but the bar. It was there I had a reader of this blog introduce himself. Hi mate, can you send me an email please? I also apologise for my (drunken) friends hollering out the cab window at you.

I ended up missing my flight on Monday afternoon because I was approximately 7 minutes too late for the ridiculous cut off point for check-in. If I’d paid attention to anyone or the TV show Airline, I would have known Tiger Airlines are a PR campaign for bad customer service, but alas I hadn’t. So I was booked onto the following morning’s flight, which I was notified by a phone call at 3am, was cancelled, so I eventually made it home 24 hours later than scheduled.

The silver lining on that cloud? Sure, it’s made my working week a bit busier, but I got an extra day with my lovely mates, and a day less work this week!