It appears my love ebola virus has struck once more. No, I’m being premature, let’s call this one, the like hanging out ebola, but once again, two guys I facilitated the meeting of have hit it off. I’m not going to predict the outcome of these two as I have no desire to jinx things for them, but I do love seeing people I like getting on well. I posted a status on my facebook profile about introducing yet another couple and a friend said that maybe it was my role in life to introduce people. Another called me “Cupid wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pair of Aussiebums” which made me giggle. There’s the silver lining of being single, it gives me time to help romance along.

Another friend has suggested having a gay speed dating night to find myself a husband and open it up to readers of the blog. While it’s an interesting idea it feels like it would be rather a arrogant thing to do, and even more arrogant to think anyone would turn up, but it’s a fun idea.