The hits on Aussielicious have been fluctuating relatively dramatically the last few weeks. For a while there they were slowly climbing up again but they’ve dropped again. Why this happens I have no idea, I have been posting what I feel like as I have always done and I don’t believe the content has changed much.

One of my (many) flaws is that I listen to the advice of too many people and people have always been telling me I should be making money off this blog. Firstly I’m not sure I want to turn this blog too commercial, but paid advertising as a bit of a bonus wouldn’t hurt my bank balance that’s for sure. To do that I need to maintain the hits at slightly more than double what they are currently. So I doubt this blog will ever be my career, but it’s a nice thought.

The next question is, if the hits did drop dramatically, would I bother to continue? The answer is yes. I never expected anyone to read Aussielicious in the first place, let alone 3,500 thousand per day roughly. I’ll admit I’ve been blinded by the success and number of hits I’ve had over the years but I love doing the blog and all the interesting people that email me because of it. Keep reading!