For months I’ve had a particular song in my head to work on a silks routine to, but with it remaining firmly a theoretical routine so far the song has drowned in my stagnant imagination, never to be resuscitated, or so it seems. For the last week or two I’ve been thinking of this song to put together a routine to.

Bjork is the high priestess of bonkers but she’s also a creative genius. This video is proof of that. Lady Gaga may just be the Andy Warhol of the music scene for this generation but her commercialised brand of crazy, while absolutely fantastic is very different to the undiluted crazy that Bjork has been sipping on from the streams of Iceland for the last 20 years. You get the impression she’d be wailing and sampling fog horns to play to an audience of one if she had to.

This song has the tempo that I’m after to force me to perform rather than just do tricks and to think about all the aspects of the routine, transitions, tricks, climbs and story, but also has the quirkiness that I love.