There will be a few days of nothing happening here on Aussielicious I’m afraid. It’s our family’s traditional Easter escape with family friends. It’s Thursday morning here and I’m heading off straight from work today and won’t be back til Monday night. I hope you can all cope with the silence. Browse the links on the right hand side to entertain yourselves.

My father had an angiogram on Tuesday and it was all looking ok. He has one blocked artery but the rest seem to be fine. They didn’t put a stent in and there was no mention of surgery. Unfortunately that has changed a little. He failed a stress test yesterday so they may still need to put a stent in or do bypass surgery which is scaring me. So it’s not looking like Dad will be at Easter with us at this stage and maybe not mum either. Thanks to everyone who sent really nice messages of support for my Dad. I really appreciate it.