With my dad’s heart attack, work not exactly thrilling me for a long time, the recent strangeness and tension with my flatmate and my grandfather also in a bit of a decline I really feel like taking off to a warm tropical island somewhere, taking off my clothes and relaxing intensely for a while. When I get back (in this fantasy land) all the stress, tension and bad stuff will be gone. In it’s place will be health and happiness.

Dusty and Garet have such a positive vibe about them and clearly adore the hell out of each other. This is the spin I’m trying to put on everything. It all happens for a reason. It feels at times lately, like I’ve forgotten my own promise to “mine the clouds” this year. Next weekend I’m away with family and very dear friends and the weekend after that I’m going nude camping. Bring it on I say.

ScenicBoys: Virgin Islands from scenicboys on Vimeo.