People that haven’t known me for years are sometimes surprised to know that I have slept with women. Only four of them, but I have. Didn’t hate it, just didn’t make as much sense as men to me.

An ex flatmate of mine used to quiz people at the pub or at parties about who they would turn for, either turning straight or gay. Someone that has hit the top of my list recently is Megan Gale. Now of course this is totally hypothetical, but she is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen, but also completely down to earth. Every time I’ve heard her interviewed or seen her on television she’s quite happy to make fun of herself and everyone I know that has ever worked with her in any capacity has said she’s totally professional.

Megan is a model and has just finished her first movie. She was also cast as the lead in the movie Wonder Woman which sadly has been shelved for the time being. Several years ago I went along to Sleaze Ball party (think Mardi Gras party at the other end of the year) and Megan was there dressed up as Wonder Woman. LONG athletic legs in white knee high boots, and all the rest of her done up to match. It’s a good look. Even as a gay man, she is very very sexy.

Apologies to Andy Lee, her cute and very funny boyfriend.