This weekend has proven to be a strange weekend of ups and downs. Friday night we had a small gathering for a skinnydip at the beach, but I think the skinny dipping days this summer are limited. I was out and about all of yesterday and designing the cover for the Mardi Gras float DVD after doing a photoshoot for it. A new friend and I went to see The Single Man last night which was beautiful and wonderful but very sad.

Then later last night some ongoing tension around the house that has been building over the last few months came to a head and a stressful and upsetting conversation with my flatmate was had. We’ve had a further discussion this afternoon which has resolved things a bit thank goodness because the idea of moving again was not appealing, nor was the idea of leaving this apartment.

Today was spent with my family which is always fun but it was full of mixed emotions. My grandfather has finally gone into care since Christmas at the ripe old age of 93. He’s bitched and moaned about being locked up with “old people”. Until recently I would have agreed with him. He played a round of golf on his 90th and lived on the third floor of an apartment building and walked up the stairs. Sadly his health is in rapid decline and in some ways I almost want him to go. We aren’t particularly close but I found myself getting choked up a couple of times.

Fingers crossed all this stuff will balance itself out soon and I’ll feel like I’m getting somewhere.