Ever since I saw a billboard back when I was living in London, advertising a horse riding tour in Iceland, the idea has germinated in the back of my mind. I couldn’t afford it then and I can afford it even less now. While Iceland has a reputation for the quirky, think Bjork and Sigur Ros, I suspect there is a quite a lot of beauty, history and fun to be explored in the area. It’s not a thriving hub of gay tourism, probably because of the amount of clothing required, but with the world’s first ever openly gay Prime Minister elected a year ago the Icelandic are a progressive and tolerant nation.

As far as a gay “scene” in Iceland, that is limited to Reykjavik. “Some foreign gay men and the lesbians travelling to Iceland for the first time hardly know what to think of Reykjavík. One night you might feel you are in a busy gay club in Hamburg or Manchester but the next night you feel that you have landed in a small village in North-Dakota and you´ve lost your train-ticket!” Sounds like fun to me.

Back to the horse riding. In times gone by, horses were the favoured mode of transport around this ruggedly stunning country and while modern transport has taken hold, horses are still popular and loved, with the native horses being smaller and sturdier than elsewhere. With a unique gait of their own, they are a great way to travel and see the countryside up close and personal. This tour sounds like a lot of fun for the intrepid and hardy traveller but if the more luxurious brand of sight-seeing is your kinda thing, Luxury Adventures might be a better place to start with customised tours.

For the time spent in Reykjavik, 101 Hotel is a very cool, stylish and let’s face it, pricey option. The decor is slick, modern with a minimalist hint of traditional. They pride themselves on their art collection displayed throughout the hotel. For those on a budget, a new kid on the block is Reykjavik Backpackers, which one visitor reviewed with “Reykjavik Backpackers helpted me to have one of the best weeks of my entire travelling experience.”