Just when you think you are getting your head around all the labels in our “community” those crazy kids come up with a new one to join twink, fag, dyke, straight acting, intersex and the multitudes of others. While credit is given for cleverness, does Bromosexual carry good or bad connotations? This article explores cases of bromosexuality really well and I think generally speaking it’s a good term.

Essentially a bromosexual is a gay man that is constantly mistaken for being straight, so the opposite of the rather derogatory metrosexual. My question is, how long before it’s corrupted into another self-loathing term by those guys not comfortable with their sexuality?

We’ve all seen those profiles online “I’m straight acting, you’d never pick me as gay, I’m just a dude who happens to like other dudes.” If that is genuinely true, great, but any kind of acting is unhealthy in your day to day persona, surely? Just as the baby-gays with their bleached tips and guy-liner may be a disguise, so is the posturing as the ultra-butch man, over compensating for insecurities. Why is masculine seen as so much better than effeminate? Both sides of the coin have been around for centuries and in eras past the dandy and pompadour were the aspirational images of their time while the masculine image meant you were the hired help to do the jobs of the help.

We are nearly all guilty of adopting image adjustments to suit an environment at times, but generally most of us just muddle through being who we are. While I’m not attracted to the uber camp end of the spectrum, the bromosexual kinda guy intimidates me a little as well. I’m quite used to the various shades of my masculine and feminine attributes. I’ll pole dance one day and rough it camping the next.