There is a new facebook group, founded by a guy here in Sydney who clearly feels the same as I do about the current state of nude beaches here. There is a growing number of people not going nude on our nude beaches. Granted, my favourite one isn’t a legal nude beach and has even been raided by the police recently, but why do people wearing swimwear want to go to a nude beach anyway?

The group, “It’s a Nude Beach, Nude Up or Go Home!” is hoping to encourage a large number of Sydney nudists and supporters to join its ranks so that when we have the numbers we can have what I guess is a “Nude In”. That is, we’d all hit the designated beach and all get nude taking up all the space and making the clothed members feel out of place, instead of them being in the majority which feels like a real possibility.

Some might not see this as important, but one of Sydney’s most famous nude beaches,  Lady Jane, is under threat of having it’s status revoked, and La Perouse as I said was raided recently by police. What’s wrong with people enjoying the sunshine without clothes?