Yesterday a fellow blogger posted that he’d just hit 300,000 visitors to his blog which for quite a new blogger is a great result. As time goes on, unless you are making money out of your blog, you stop counting hits and trying to work out what gets them higher. I’ve noted visitor number milestones in the past but not for some time, so today I went and added the hits on the previous and current incarnations of Aussielicious.

In four years and four months roughly I’ve had over 6 million hits. I’m not quite sure how it’s happened to be honest and I’m quite stunned. The public nudity challenge and my photo nude on the steps of the opera house back in the beginning certainly got my blog noticed, especially when Fleshbot linked it.

To everyone who keeps coming back day after day and to everyone that stumbles across the blog from time to time, thank you very much for all the support, comments, constructive feedback and even tough love you’ve shown. Admittedly there have been times when I think, can I keep doing this? Do I want to keep doing this. Well, the answer is yes. I love the interaction it provides. So, stay tuned!