A couple of months ago on one of Sydney’s scorching Sunday’s I was one of three guys and three girls that posed for ACON’s (AIDS Council of NSW) new BeforePLAY campaign. The campaign is trying to get guys and girls to keep in mind that drugs and alcohol can impair your decision making about safe sex and to play safe.

The boys and I are in three different posters, two of which are above. I’m only in the one on the left talking about group sex and chemical sex. I’m the one in the middle, my head was buried in the crotch of a straight man.

ACON does amazing work at keeping people safe, spreading information about safe sex and also helping those living with HIV. They area an obvious presence at all the parties handing out safe sex packs (condom and lube for those that might need to know) and keeping the fight against the spread of HIV in the limelight. I’ve heard too many stories of young guys willing to let strangers fuck them without protection because they aren’t aware of the ramifications.

ACON were kind enough to let the Lifesavers With Pride help out at Big Bingay a few weeks ago and also last year and we were proud to help them out.