I was chatting to this guy on a nudist site and I really liked the quality of his photography and the lighting. His name is Darin and he runs a company called Draw Group. He and a friend are challenging each other to take self portraits. They were arguing about the meaning or various meanings and tones of the word “there”. So they are exploring the various meanings in their self portraits. At this stage I only have Darin’s shots.

Above, from left to right, we have “Sit right there”, “Hanging there” and “Waiting there”. As you can see, Darin his no problem with getting his gear off for a photograph, or in general it seems. His photographs are very thoughtful and quite moody in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

I’m toying with taking up a similar challenge. Any suggestions for words? Any suggestion of “Cock” or anything else to try and get me to post full frontal will be giggled at and ignored.