Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself. Are you a native Californian?
All about me..I am not a native of California I am from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I attended college freshman year in Ohio before transferring to U.C.L.A. to finish out my education. I studied economics but I really had no idea of what I wanted to do after graduation so I pursued a career in acting and  even tried my hand at modeling, both clothed and nude. My father was a successful doctor and my mother was a very  active doctors wife which afforded my the luxury of taking my time on deciding what I wanted to do. I played for a few years after school working a host of different jobs but I always had  a fantasy of making a living by taking my clothes off.
How long have you been a nudist and how did you get into nudism?
I am not as much  a nudist as I am an exhibitionist. I have one brother no sisters and even though my father was a formal man he was very comfortable with being naked around his sons. When I was small we would go swimming at the Cleveland Athletic Club, in those days it was all male and you would swim nude, the pool was enclosed on the roof of the club and I was fascinated watching all the men conduct business, having lunch and talking to each while sitting naked around the pool.
At 49, you are in great shape. Has health and fitness always played a major part in your life?
When I graduated from college I was 6 feet tall, 142 pound with a rather large nose, I knew living in LA this was not going to fly so I first contacted a noted Beverly Hills doctor who specialized in nose jobs and took care of that problem, then I joined the Sports Connection gym in West Hollywood and started working out and soon I put on 20 pounds. I had never trained before in my life and took to it the minute I hit the gym floor, of course part of the pleasure was the shower after the workout, the wet area in this gym was wild and I left plenty of DNA in that sauna over the years. By the time I was 28 I was unemployed, being supported by my family and feeling lost, I had spent many years trying to figure out how to make a living doing something that made me happy and of course could be naked, even though the later was not a prerequisite. I loved working out so I bought a few pieces of gym equipment, moved the furniture out of my living and set up a gym. I put ads in the local gay papers and in no time the phone started ringing, the business kept growing month after month, in nine months I moved to a new and much larger location and set up a full private gym. I was thrilled that this idea of mine had taken off and I was now training 40 to 45 hours a week.
How long have you been a trainer and what qualifications do you bring to your work?
I have been in business 21 years now, I was not certified the first 3 years and now with the success of it I knew I had better go back to school and take this to another level. I returned to U.C.L.A. to study fitness training through their extension program, since I was working a full week I could only allow myself one night a week off so it took me 2 years to complete the program. I am also certified by American Muscle & Fitness and a member IDEA Health & Fitness Association.
Being a nude personal trainer in West Hollywood, would it be fair to assume most of your clients are gay men?
My clientele is exclusively gay even though on rare occasion some clients have brought women with them, this has made me uncomfortable.
How much of your client base trains nude with you?
About half my clients train nude, however at times some of my overweight clients are embarrassed so they request I get naked and they stay dressed, not a problem for me.
I imagine there is a percentage that expect sexual extras with their training session?
My biggest concern when I started this business was that people would think it was just a cover up for sex, I have been pleasantly surprised how seriously everyone has taken me and respect what I do. When clients call they sometimes ask if sex is involved, I always say no, also when they arrive and meet me and see the gym they know it is legitimate. Now having said that, there have been times that after the workout we have ended up on the floor, I have even dated a few of my clients and the 2 times I have fallen in love were with guys who have walked through my door, this job does have its benefits.
The guy that told me about your services said he kept getting a hardon while training. Is that common and doesn’t that mean he wasn’t training hard enough?
Guys do get hard all the time, that is one question I always get ask over the phone, my response is “if you don’t get hard looking at me naked I will be insulted” that always puts them at ease. With some guys the more weight they lift the harder they get and other times I am just not pushing them enough.
Looking at nude beaches around the world, it’s more often than not an older crowd and not necessarily the fittest crowd. Does that reflect in your business or are the buff hot guys coming to you to take their training to another level?
I get all types of guys, fat, thin, young, old as long as they are nice I like them all. I am very fortunate people are very good to me in life and my clients are no different, some of my best friends today were guys I trained 20 years ago. Once in a while I do get clients from a dressed source and  when they find out I train  nude they go for it. I get a great many married men,I am a safe outlet for them.
I do get celebrities at  times and they can be characters even going as far as climbing out the window so not to been seen by the next one coming in.
Have you had many non-nude clients convert to nude sessions when they found out about them? You must have some funny stories to tell about naked training incidents. Any accidental teabagging while spotting someone on the bench or other slip ups?
On one busy day I had 9 clients and was so tired I started to get undressed in front of someone who did not know I was the naked trainer, when I pulled my pants down he didn’t know  what was going on I had to open up and explain, he was a little shocked.
What is your favourite type of client? The buff boys training for that extra gain or total transformations of Mr Joe Average looking to turn himself around after neglecting his fitness?
This has been an amazing ride, I really believe my success hangs on the  fact that I treat my clients as if they were my guest and I was there host, I have there favorite beverages, fluffy towels to cover all my equipment  and cake for there birthday, yes cake..If I  keep them fat they will have to keep coming back. My clients in turn are amazing to me, the parties, the gifts and the people I have met through them..This wonderful job has taken me to the Tony Awards, the Emmys and even The Oscars. I teamed up with a client and we formed the now defunct Alluvial Entertainment which published Provocateur magazine and allowed me to, co-produce the Da Vinci Workout Body Series.
Finally, what would be your top tips for anyone trying to get in shape?
My tip to staying in shape..hire a hot naked trainer….Rick Corbett CPT
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