When you think about nudism there are certain countries and regions that come to mind. Places like Germany are renowned for having nude sections in city parks, and a very liberal attitude towards stripping off. Australia’s climate is perceived to be suitable for year round nudity (it’s not). Alaska is not somewhere that I would imagine has a great nudist movement. The northern European countries have a strong nude sauna culture despite their wintry conditions.

Roaming the profiles on Hangoutnude, as I do, it struck me just how many people in the UK are nudists. I would say they are over represented in terms of percentage of profiles, especially for an area with weather so conducive to rugging up and staying warm and also not having the culture of saunas to fall back on.

London has nude night club nights like Club Starkers and Naked and a host of others, there are nude swim clubs, the bathing pavilion at Hampstead Heath is packed with naked sunbathers within it’s walls on a nice summer day. How has this come about? Why is there such a popularity with nudism in a cold country like Britain? I think it’s great but haven’t got my head around it.