The topic of a threeway relationship has come up with people I’ve met recently a couple of times, especially over the weekend on the cruise. There was a couple on the cruise that I spent a lot of time hanging out with and one of the guys had been “kind of” in a threeway relationship in the past, as had another friend of mine, a few years back.

I’ve never been in a regular long term relationship so I’m no expert and I’m very keen to hear the experiences of readers who are in or have been in a three way relationship. To my inexperienced eye, most of them come from a third being invited into an established relationship and so far to my knowledge it’s that third that usually ends up hurt or dumped from the experience.

The couple I was hanging out with and I got on very well and hypothetically, instigated from the past experience of one of them, discussed the practicalities of the situation. I personally doubt could ever enter into a threeway relationship with an established couple. I’ve never heard of a long term threeway lasting, so it’s a self preservation exercise, stopping myself getting hurt. Secondly, as a hopeless romantic, no matter how much I desired the other two and felt a bond, I would feel absolutely horrendous if my entering the picture caused any kind of jealousy or tension within the original couple.

Having been single for a long time, I’ve had several threesomes with couples over the years and as the “guest” you are treated to an amazing level of attention and often are attracted to one more than the other. I can’t see the point in entering a situation so prone to jealousy. If any of you are in a three way relationship, please tell me your story.