Last night my flatmate turned to me and asked “Do you have trouble breathing?” It was a bit of a random question but once explained made sense. A friend of his has just had his tonsils out and after years of mild breathing difficulty is feeling like he is getting way more oxygen than ever before.

When we discussed it more, after giving it a bit of thought, I’ve always had rubbish sinuses and even though I do plenty of exercise I get puffed more easily than I should. My flatmate seems to think it might be related and could even explain why I hate doing cardio so much, if I’m struggling to get breath. I can’t sleep on my back because I snore a lot if I do and have even been known to stop breathing briefly.

So, my question is to any medical professionals that read the blog. Could my tonsils really be contributing to my hatred of cardio and difficulty breathing and is it worth a trip to my GP?