Three days, 400 gay people, several drag queens, lots of booze, some very dodgy fashion decisions and buckets of laughs and that’s my trip on the Navigaytion cruise from Adelaide.

I have to admit, I had a really good time on the cruise despite all my reservations about going. Some of them were founded. The guys that I went with and I are all tempted to go to a straight bar and talk about tits for  a while as we are feeling a little gayed-out at the moment. There are certain elements of the gay “community” that I would have happily set adrift in a life raft after a couple of hours. First up would be the A-Gays that think their shit doesn’t stink and don’t smile or make conversation with anyone.

There were many interesting apparel choices made for the various themed parties over the three days. The first was the underwear and swimwear party. The age demographic on the boat ranged from 19 or so right up to about 70. I’m not a fan of a g-string on a man in general but your average 70 year old arse is not flattered in the slightest by having a piece of fabric wedged in it and a note to the man with the tartan beret on, before leaving the room please make sure your g-string is actually containing both testicles.

The parties on board were great fun, everyone getting on well, making new friends and getting into the spirit. Making new friends, at least for an hour or so was a recurring theme of the few days. There’s no tally been announced on this smaller cruise but the last Navigaytion cruise of 1400 people went through over 10,000 condoms.

I haven’t slept much after working at the parties, making new friends, hanging out with people I knew and watching the passing parade, so I’m not going to be awake much longer tonight and back to work tomorrow.