My detox was planned for three days. I lasted 8 hours before cracking and eating something. Even then I thought I’ll soldier on, it’s a minor slip. By the end of the day, I got home feeling faint and slightly nauseous. I know I don’t have the best discipline or will power but to be honest I don’t think I am designed to survive on 6 juices in a day. My heart wasn’t really in it.

I’m sure for those who are dedicated and in the right frame of mind, there is quite a lot to be gained from a detox like this. The 6 juices that I was supposed to be drinking are full of great stuff and you can taste the goodness in them. Granted, some of them are a little challenging in the deliciousness department but a few of them are genuinely nice. If you want to have a go at the detox and do better than me, head to Urban Remedy and sign up.