Sometimes I seriously think my own headspace needs some redecorating or a bloody good feng-shui alignment. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling on the verge of another meltdown like the one I had a couple of months ago about being single etc. A couple of days ago someone said something to me that has brought more attention in my own mind to something that is best ignored.

There is someone I’ve been getting to know for a little while now and we get on really well but there is no way anything will ever cross the line from friends into romance. For starters we just aren’t a good match. I’m not going to go into why, but apart from wanting a similar kind of relationship it would not work at all. With my overly developed desire for a relationship in overdrive I was twisting the good vibes of the new friendship and looking at them from a perspective of potential romance which is not a good idea. Through a good conversation with a mutual friend of ours, she’s put me back on the right track and got me thinking the right way again and the view is much better.

Neurotic and over analysing things much?