Last night was one of those unexpected surprise nights that is all good. Tonight the year ends and hopefully continues the way last night did. I was on facebook and randomly chatted to a guy that I have never slept with but always found attractive, despite being 15 years his senior. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to see him again due to a career change for him, some of his personal issues etc but was pleasantly surprised when dinner was mentioned and we organised for him to come over for dinner and catch up.

A nice meal, two bottles of wine, a good chat on the roof terrace and before we know it we are kissing and then he spent the night and some great sex was had. He had admitted that he’s a bit rubbish at keeping in touch and I thought there might be some awkwardness between us stemming from a conversation some months ago, but it was all good and I said, unless there’s been a big falling out then I don’t let good people just disappear from my life. Sex with him will probably never happen again and I’m fine with that, I wasn’t expecting it last night, but he’s a really nice guy, and I won’t let him lose touch.

It’s also rare for me to relax and let spontaneous sex like that just happen without getting all nervous. I hope it’s a turning point for a new attitude.