2009. What a year. Perfectly healthy celebrities were getting nervous after too many (and not the right ones) dropped like flies this year. It reminded me of 1997 after losing Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, and a swag of other celebrities. Maybe we just got over crowded, but surely the likes of Lindsay or Paris were more likely candidates?

I haven’t had a bad year, not a great year either, but not bad. Unfortunately lots of people around me have had a really bad year, serious illnesses, mental illnesses, losing family members, financial crisis’, losing jobs, and a host of other bad bits and pieces.

So what are the goals for 2010? For me, I’m coining the phrase “mining the clouds”. We’ve all heard the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining” and sometimes I know it’s damned hard to find it but 2010 is all about mining every little bit of silver out of any dark cloud that comes your way.

If someone you know gets sick, use it as a great excuse to get closer and be the friend that you could have been all along. If you have an argument with someone, take their viewpoint and look at yourself maybe a little more honestly. If the financial crisis is still biting, use it as a way to weed out all the clutter from your life and appreciate the simple things more.

To all my lovely readers, those that comment and those that don’t, those that agree with me and those that don’t, I wish you all a wonderful 2010. May it bring health, wealth, happiness and love to all of you.