One commenter on yesterdays post about escorting and our predisposition to judge asked if I could date someone that had been an escort and the answer is yes. Very few people enter a relationship with no sexual history, and an escort just has more of a history than I do (lucky bastard) and probably a lot more tricks up his sleeve that would make life interesting in the bedroom (or kitchen, backyard or wherever).

They also asked if I would date someone that was still escorting and that answer is a definitive no. Not out of any judgement or disapproval but purely because I’m a totally monogamous kind of guy and even though it’s sex without emotion it’s still sex outside the relationship which I won’t accept.

I am going to be doing an interview with one of my friends who escorted several years ago to answer many questions on the issue. So if you have any questions you want answered, post them in the comments!