A few times over the past 12 months and again last night I’ve found out that people I know have or are working as escorts. Be it either by chance or for financial reasons and some starting at quite a young (legal) age.

Each and every time my first response is still, even though I like to think of myself as a liberally minded individual, that it’s wrong. Then I sit and give it some rational thought and realise it’s only because we are brought up to think of things like porn, stripping and escorting as a bad decision that must be made out of very negative circumstances.

When I think about it even more, my reaction is probably borne out of jealousy more than anything. I have developed insecurities and hangups over the last few years around sex that I am envious of the freedom. My lack of confidence means I’m occasionally nervous about shagging people I find genuinely attractive for free, let alone people I don’t just because there’s money involved.