My attempts at riding the slut bus this week have been dismal at best. Last night I was supposed to have a dirty shag with someone I’ve played with before but that seemed to fall in a heap so I went looking online for some fun. I can’t believe in a city like Sydney, that claims to be a gay capital of the world full of men who cheat on boyfriends and have open relationships that it is so hard to find a hookup.

Being in a rather frisky mood of late, my mind has been wandering, partly due to some conversations with Bisexual Dave, but the idea of a 3some with a hot bi couple is really turning me on right now. I still identify as gay but sexuality is a very fluid thing and I’ve slept with women before and didn’t hate it. The idea of fucking a hot woman while her hot boyfriend fucks me is a real turn on, especially if I get to swap with him and give him a go.

It’s been over ten years since I’ve slept with a woman. Let’s see if I can do it again. While I’m on the topic of hot sexual scenarios, I’m still DYING to sleep with hot gay twins. That one may only ever be a fantasy but willing to take offers!